Frequent Questions about Selling Gold in CT.

I brought my old gold jewelry to a competitor of yours and was offered very little. Is it worth making the trip to you?

Absolutely! My competitors only pay a fraction of what your precious metals are actually worth. I pay you at least 80% of the market value of your lot. Coming to CT Gold Buyers® is the very difference between selling your precious metals and letting them sit in an old jewelry box as you will be amazed at how much we offer you!

Do all gold buyers pay the same price? How can I be sure you are paying competitive rates?

CT Gold Buyers® sets themselves apart first by publishing our offer prices on our website. We want our customers to be informed of our high pricing so they can be sure they are getting high returns. To take it even further, we fairly and accurately determine your gold, silver, and platinums fineness and apply that to the current market price. Finally, we use accurate scales that are regularly calibrated and we weigh your metals right in front of you. With that, you can see for yourself what you should be getting paid and we never leave you in the dark or guessing. Finally, you can always request a copy of the sales ticket and ask for the weights and pricing to be recorded on the ticket. CT Gold Buyers® has nothing to hide.


Some of my old jewelry items have diamonds and gemstones. Will I get paid for them too?

As long as they are good gem quality stones, then we buy them too. Otherwise, if they do not meet our standards we can remove them from the jewelry and return them to you if you wish


I have some old antique family heriloom pieces, do you pay more than their scrap value?

The answer is YES. We pay premium prices for antique and estate jewelry.


I recently broke off an engagement and I have a very valuable engagement ring I no longer have a use for. Will you buy it or can you recommend a place where I can sell it.

I sure can recommend a place, CT Gold Buyers®! We would Love nothing more than to buy BIG DIAMONDS and high quality Bridal Jewelry all day long. As usual, we pay premium prices that you just can't get elsewhere.


Will you buy a watch if it is not gold?

We sure will if it is a higher quality or vintage watch. Some examples would be Rolex, Breitling, Patek Phillipe, Panerai, IWC, etc.


I am nervous about traveling with my valuables, is your location safe?

First of all, we are not located in the type of neighborhood where you would be afraid to get out of your car. Our location is in a safe area and we have lots of security measures in place. I might add that our location is very upscale and comfortable to ensure that you are satisfied with our payments, honesty, and overall appeal of our service and dedication to our customers' needs. Finally, you can always request that we come to your place. Give us a call and we can make arrangements to come to your home to do business. There is no charge and you get the same high prices as if you came to our location. We frequently travel the northeast to meet with customers and are always up for a good road trip!


You say you will buy anything? What does anything include?

Anything would include any item that is in resellable condition, legal for trade, and most of all, in demand!


How do I know if my item is resellable or in demand?

If you call us, we can usually take the information about your item(s) and call you back within minutes with a preliminary evaluation or offer!


I have Gold & Silver Bullion to sell, how much do you pay for these?

CT Gold Buyers® will pay from 90-95% of the current spot price for your bullion products that are .999 or .9999 fine in purity


I have a very large quantity of Gold & Silver. Is there a limit to how much I can sell? Do you buy quantities this large?

We regularly handle rather large transactions. With precious metals values soaring to record highs, we are prepared to buy as much as you can deliver. If you'd like, you can make a private appointment by calling us so that way your transaction is confidential and no one else will interrupt us during the evaluation or payment process.


Do I need an appointment?

You are welcome to bring your valuables to CT Gold Buyers® at any time during normal business hours. Our store is open at times up to 7 days a week. If you would prefer to, you can make an appointment for a private transaction or if you cannot make it during normal business hours. Just give us a call, we are very accomodating to all of our customers needs.